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We hope you have all had a good summer as we approach fall. NO NEW NORMAL has been a presence at Vancouver City Hall at the corner of Cambie St. and 12th, every Wednesday for 2 years now. We are there rain or shine from 1-3:00 PM and then whoever can make it for coffee at the mall afterwards are most welcome. We were also doing Sundays between the Vancouver Art Gallery and Sunset Beach every Sunday for 3 years but with family commitments on Sundays it was hard keep that going. We have banners , signs ,brochures and Druthers papers we can hand out but you are welcome to bring your own signs as well or some sidewalk chalk if you wish to write your own messages. Bring your Canada Flags if you have them. If there are communication problems or systems go down just know that we will be there every Wednesday barring any unforeseen circumstances or extreme weather phenomenons. Find us on -Telegram No New Normal BC & Telegram-Sunset Beach Freedom Everyone welcome! We look forward to seeing you!

Questions? Please contact us: [email protected]

For donations to No New Normal please use our e-transfer email address: [email protected] (use password: nonewnormalbc) - any amount helps. We appreciate your generosity and support. Thank you.

Become a Druthers newspaper distributor or deliverer wherever you live in British Columbia. Dean Camfferman, owner of Surrey Natural Foods, is looking for people interested helping get the other side of the story to Canadians. Dean's Tel: 604.700.4401 & email: [email protected]
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Door to Freedom, a new organization formed to help people make sense of a rapidly changing and often confusing world.

We also want to inform you about the efforts of the W.H.O. to take over management of public health emergencies. The W.H.O. is proposing to govern how pandemics and other public health emergencies are handled in the future. It would prescribe uniform medical treatments and restrictions for all—worldwide. The way this would be achieved is through 2 new legal documents that are now being negotiated: a Pandemic Treaty and Amendments to its existing International Health Regulations.
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